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Is Something Holding You Back,

keeping you from where you want to be in life? Maybe you've tried everything and are just ready to give up.  Or maybe this is the first time you've built up the courage to reach out to someone for help. I offer a unique approach to helping people achieve their goals. Keep on reading to see if this approach is right for you!

You probably don’t even know that you are looking for neurofeedback as most people don’t! Here are some questions that will help you know if this is the option for you:
Do you have trouble focusing and staying on task?
Do you experience anxiety that you wish would go away (heart races, body tightens up, shaky, or upset stomach)?
Do you have a hard time turning off those anxious, racing, worrisome thoughts?
Do you struggle with never feeling energized or motivated?
Do you find yourself flying off the handle and wish you had better control over your emotions?
Do you have trouble sleeping, whether falling asleep or staying asleep?
Have you tried everything (medication, natural remedies, counseling) and still feel stuck?
If you answered YES to any one of these questions, you are a great candidate for neurofeedback. Weaving neurofeedback into counseling is what I do and have found this to be an effective approach. If my clinical experience proving the effectiveness of this approach isn’t enough, there is plenty of literature and research out there finding the same results. Neurofeedback has been around since the 1960’s but it has flown under the radar for far too long. It’s time you start to experience the effects of this powerful tool and get where you want to go in life!
Anna Psaute
Licensed Professional Counselor & Neurofeedback Specialist
1401 60th St. SE Suite B
Kentwood, MI 49508
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If you’re an athlete, business executive or performer, focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas. Neurofeedback trains your brain to focus more efficiently and effectively. Training your brain and your breathing to perform at your peak
Combining neurofeedback, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) principles and deep breathing training to help calm the autonomic nervous system that is hyperactive and continually sending out “false alarm” hyper vigilance and persistent anxiety.
Neurofeedback works with the natural ability the brain has to learn. A combination of time management skills, planning, new study techniques and neurofeedback sessions will train your brain to stay on task, while increasing focus and attention spans.
Training with neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and deep breathing techniques provide what the brain needs to enable the nervous system to automatically balance between under activation and over activation.
I use neurofeedback and relaxation techniques to help improve sleep quality by quieting the mind and body. This approach can be helpful for those who have a hard time falling asleep or wake in the night and can't turn off their mind.
I provide traditional counseling without the neurofeedback if desired. My approach is centered around CBT principles with the focus of improving your mindset and perspective to help you be more successful in life.

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